Managed I.T Support

I.T issues will happen. You can either deal with them when they do, or have a monitored solution in place so you are prepared. Don’t get caught out!

Cloud Computing Solutions

Are you backing up to the cloud or using cloud services instead of physical machines? Your entire infrastructure can now be cloud based

I.T Systems Security

How safe are your precious business files? Have you tested your backups lately to see if they are current and actually work? Are your emails cloud based?

Customer Intelligence

Want to know what and how your customers think? Why do they choose your competition instead of you? Do you accurately track all marketing?


Current malware threats available worldwide! Are your computers safe?


SuperGeek success rate for recovering data from failed hard-drives


Amount of Joules (energy hits) our business grade surge boards can take (ave is 500)

4 hrs

Average hours for us to build your 5 page website, onsite at your office and have it live the next day